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The Best Luxury Antiques to Explore

The Best Luxury Antiques to Explore

If you’re looking to invest in antiques, whether it may be silver, jewelry or furniture, there are several New Orleans antique shops that you can browse. However, there are only a handful of antique stores that hold the most rare and unique antiques. M.S. Rau Antiques has an array of fine antiques, important paintings, and rare jewels for customers to choose from. To name a few, see the list below:

Antique Clocks

Vintage antique clocks are one of the best items in which to invest your money at the moment.  In the right climate, clocks can be purchased for a low amount and then held onto until their value rises.  In fact, if you take a look at some of the available antique clocks, you’ll find that they can range in price from $2k to $200k.  Investing in one of these higher priced clocks should lead to a higher return, comparably speaking. However, if you can build up your knowledge enough to find a popular antique at a low price.


Old, grand gold pieces of jewelry can attract major attention when they are placed on sale in auction houses or antique shops, and you’ll often find that it is the more intricate designs that fetch the highest prices, as well as those that have a good history backing up the piece.  Do make sure you know how to buy gold jewelry safely though before you invest, especially if you are planning on buying it online.
Fine Art

M.S. Rau Antiques offers a wide array of paintings and sculptures, whether you’re looking for specific fine art from origin, artist, period or by subject. Take a look today and find a piece of fine art that best suits your taste.


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