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Six Preparedness Gifts On All Travelers' Wishlists

Six Preparedness Gifts On All Travelers' Wishlists

The holidays are upon us and if you're like most people, you're probably struggling to think of thoughtful and useful gift ideas for everyone on your list. Worry no more! Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc. is here with the hottest preparedness gifts your traveling friends and family will love, whether they travel by plane, train, or automobile.

  1. PacSafe Portable Travel Safe is the ideal backpack to keep your valuables, money, and passports protected while on the go. The sack comes with a steel locking cable to attach to any immovable object and the material is slash-proof.
  2. Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) protects members on all travels they take for a full year. This valuable plan provides emergency transportation and assistance services to travelers who are hospitalized while away from home. Who says you can't gift peace of mind?
  3. PhoneSoap Phone Sanitizer harnesses UV light to kill 99.9% of bacteria on your smart phone and other tech. Plus it's small enough to fit in a carry-on.
  4. Nomad Slim Wallet comes with a Tile device so you can track it down if it's missing or stolen. Now that's smart!
  5. Face Mask on Chain is a stylish and handy way to keep your face mask nearby. Mix and match different patterns and chains for you own unique look.
  6. Skyroam Personal Hotspot provides wifi in over 132 countries, so your favorite traveler can be connected no matter where they go.

EA+ is offered by Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc., a division of AGIA Affinity Services, a leading provider of emergency travel protection and rescue and security products. Each year, Worldwide Rescue & Security protects hundreds of thousands of customers in the event of medical emergencies or security situations. For more information, please visit

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