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Proactive Home Security Tips to Implement Before a Trip

Proactive Home Security Tips to Implement Before a Trip

Travelling is a wonderful thing no matter where you go. It is a chance to experience new things, relax, and perhaps even get a little sun. When you do leave on your trip, however, the last thing that you want to do is to leave your property unprotected. An empty home is one that is primed to be targeted for thieves. The worst way to end any trip is to go home only to realise you’ve been robbed and your most valuable belongings have been stolen from you. You will likely be looking at a financial loss of over $500USD. To help you avoid such a situation, follow this guide:
Install an Alarm System
Having a security system armed and ready to go off in an intruder were to enter your home should be your first step, because it isn’t just important for when you leave. Turn it on when you are at home and don’t plan on leaving, just in case someone tries to sneak in on you or worse, break-in at the dead of night. The alarm will often scare off the thief, and at the very least wake you up to the danger you and your family are in. When you do leave, of course, it is the best way to get police on the scene even when you are not at home.
Install Security Cameras
Your next step is to install a bullet security camera on each and every one of your exterior doors. These cameras are visible and can shoot footage in 720HD or even 4K, complete with night vision. Their visibility, however, is another detraction for thieves, especially if you compliment them with more discreet cameras elsewhere to ensure that if someone were to enter your home, you would have evidence. At the very least it will be more than enough for you to get what you are owed from your insurance.
Anti-Trespassing Landscaping Tips
Other tips to dissuade thieves from choosing your home is to simply use landscaping to your advantage. Adding in prickly plants underneath windows on the first floor will do wonders to ensuring that thieves avoid breaking in through that method and instead attempt the doors – doors, of which, should be covered by the security camera.
Ensuring Your Home is Secure Before You Leave
Last but not least, you have to remember to secure your home before you leave it. This means making sure that all of the doors and windows are locked, it means turning down the heat, it means ensuring your cameras have enough storage for when you leave, and it absolutely means remembering to lock the door.
Going travelling should never equate to stress. By securing your home with these methods, you can ensure that thieves will think twice before making a mark on your home, and that if they do you are as legally protected as you can to ensure you get the value back, if not catch the perpetrator in question. 

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