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Planning The Ultimate Vegas Blowout For

Planning The Ultimate Vegas Blowout For


It’s an understatement to say that 2020 isn’t going the way most of us planned. On top of the fear, uncertainty, and loneliness that’s been caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are have also had to face the disappointment of cancelling long-awaited holidays, events, and even weddings.

On social media, this has been met with the phrase ‘roll on Summer 2021’ – and it’s a sentiment we can fully get behind. How better to spend the hours of self-isolation in lockdown than by planning a luxurious Las Vegas blowout for next year? You can even get some practise in with the range of online slots found at Mansion Casino or by brushing up on your blackjack strategy!

In 2019 alone, 42.52 million people visited Las Vegas. If you want to experience the ultimate Las Vegas blowout for yourself in 2021, read on – this post will tell you how to plan for the trip of a lifetime. After all, you’ll have lost time to make up for.

Set A Gambling Budget

When your trip is more than likely to encompass a few casinos – and you’d have to be mad to visit Las Vegas without experiencing them – even a blowout needs a budget. Whether you’re a novice gambler or a seasoned pro, anyone can get caught up in the excitement of the roulette wheel and find themselves spending more cash than they bargained for.

Set aside an amount of money which you’re comfortable spending in a casino (for example, $100). The crucial thing is to assume that you won’t get any of it back – certainly don’t expect to make a profit at one of the tables or on the slots, as the house edge in Las Vegas means that this is statistically unlikely.

Include that money in your ‘entertainment budget’ before your trip and think of it as the upfront cost of your evening’s entertainment, as opposed to an amount of cash that might double over the course of the night.

Plan The Attractions You Want To See

Las Vegas promises some of the best – and most iconic – attractions in the world. From the Neon Museum on Las Vegas Boulevard North, to the Stratosphere Tower which boasts one of the tallest rides in the world (X-Scream), the city has something to excite cultural travelers and thrill-seekers alike.

With so much to see and do, carry out some research and make a list of the places you want to visit before you go. Make a provisional schedule of which attractions you want to see and when. You can always alter this once you’ve started your vacation, but it’ll ensure that you won’t miss out on anything which you’re desperate to experience.

Visit The Las Vegas Strip

No trip to Vegas is complete without a wander down the Las Vegas Strip. Situated on a stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard, this world-famous road promises 4.2 miles of hotels, casinos, and street entertainment. It’s even been recognized as an All-American Road by the United States Department of Transportation – an accolade given to just 31 roads of extreme national importance in the whole of the USA.

From gambling to golf, sightseeing to shopping, and caricaturists to cabaret, the Las Vegas Strip is full of fun and entertainment. Explore one of America’s greatest tourist attractions for yourself – and discover why the indulgent city has been nicknamed ‘Sin City’.

Escape the uncertainty of 2020 and plan the ultimate Las Vegas blowout for 2021. Just remember the golden rule: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. 

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