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Online Bingo During Quarantine

Online Bingo During Quarantine


With a pandemic and quarantine underway, it can be difficult to enjoy games with your family and friends. Especially for bingo players, we all know how enjoyable and relaxing the game can be. However, fret not as there are always other options available such as online bingo game websites like this popular website. Although it is missing the social aspect, it is still as fun as bingo can ever be and allows players to use real money to reap some sweet profits. Here is our online bingo gaming guide.  

Why play real money bingo?

Apart from the obvious thrill that comes with gambling, playing bingo with real money also offers many generous rewards, online interaction, and the possibility of making it big. The adrenaline rush of daubing each number and getting closer to your own personal win is the experience that every online bingo player finds themselves returning to. Upon choosing the right bingo site, one might even find themselves ending a game with some winnings without winning the bingo game itself. However, do note that there is a risk of losing money that you have invested inside, as this is still essentially a gamble. For those who seek a quick thrill, playing with real money might just be your thing.

Top bingo games

We all know conventional bingo games consisting of a bingo caller calling out numbers and players daubing numbers on their bingo cards. But modern bingo games are much more complex and enjoyable than those that we are used to. From playing with 90 balls to other variations such as 75-ball and 30-ball bingo games, there is a wide variety for players to choose from.
A 90-ball bingo game consists of 15 numbers on a ticket and is the most well-known bingo game that is offered in almost every casino. The goal is to obtain a Full House by being the first person to achieve a row or two of numbers, or all 15 numbers on a ticket.
A 75-ball bingo game offers 25 slots on a ticket instead, ten more than a 90-ball bingo game. Some ways to win are the same such as getting one or two rolls, or the 25 slots. However, one can also win by achieving an X pattern across the ticket.
Other lesser-known forms of bingo games are the 30 and 80-ball bingo games, bingo blast, and progressive bingo. Some online websites allow customers to try these other variations of bingo, which may not have happened when playing with people in real life.


Not to mention, with technology on the rise, bingo gaming has become a lot more accessible with mobile access. Now one can enjoy a bingo game on their Apple and Android devices, and not just on the computer.

Online bingo sites

Beware of suspicious and rogue bingo websites. Always make sure to choose a bingo site that has a good reputation and a healthy amount of positive reviews and ratings. Especially for people who are interested to spend their real money on a bingo game, playing on the right website can make a whole world of a difference.
The next steps are to make an account and register for the website. Afterward, you will be given access to add some money into the account whether by card or online currency. Don’t forget to socialize with other players as well as this can enhance your player experience. Now, who doesn’t want to make some new friends while playing a bingo game?
If you do achieve a win during a bingo game, make sure to withdraw your winnings by seeking out a cashier and payout. Some websites actually offer payouts in both directions, allowing one to withdraw their cash immediately the same way they add in money in the first place. Lastly, don’t forget to seek out customer service if you do encounter any sort of problem.

Tips and tricks

While playing online may not be the best way to expect money in the long-run, there are still some tips and tricks with have for players who are interested to earn a little more during a game.
Always make sure to find a reliable casino first before chipping in real money for a game. Beware of casinos who are not licensed or engage in suspicious forms of activity; some casinos have also been known to not pay out to customers, which is the last thing that we want for our finances. A reliable casino allows players to engage in their promotions and rewards with full trust that they will receive a payout as promised. One tip to do is to read the reviews of casinos, especially from multiple sources, and figure out which casino is suited for you.
As mentioned before different casinos will also offer different promotions and deals, and this can vary in favor of your experience. Make sure to engage in a good promotion period or a casino with a reputation for having tons of them for a more reliable long-term experience. Who wouldn’t want to grab extra prizes and rewards when they can?
Decide on your number of tickets based on the number of people in the room. In a small room, one or two tickets is enough for a game. However, when there are many more players, it may be wise to invest in more tickets for a better chance of winning the game.
Finally, for those who decide to play bingo with real money, do follow the bankroll management rules to prevent any carelessness and further losses. Without a bankroll, there is a risk of losing your money, especially in big amounts, with just a few casual games of bingo.


While it can seem tempting to play bingo seriously in pursuit of potential winnings, this should never be your main motivation to play a bingo game. Instead, focus on the enjoyment that the game brings and the community for a fun social experience. Just be sure to play by the rules and see it as a form of leisure; not as a means of making money in the long run.

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