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Making the most of travelling in your twilight years

Making the most of travelling in your twilight years

No matter how old you are, you should never grow tired of travelling the world. With so many amazing cultures, exciting adventures and idyllic paradise just a flight away, there should be no upper limit on exploring the planet.

In fact, your twilight years bring a number of benefits to travelling that others can only dream of so, if anything, there’s even more reason to plan some time away from home, whether that’s a weekend in Scarborough or a fortnight in the Dominican Republic!

Here are three ways you can make the most of travelling in your later years.

Take advantage of your situation

You’ll remember the typical post-holiday office conversations:

“How was your holiday?”

“Amazing thanks, I just wish we could have stayed longer!”

Yes, most of us arrive home miserable that it’s all over – yet you needn’t worry about that. The beauty of post-retirement life means you run to your own schedule, meaning you can come and go as it suits. Four weeks in the South of France? Why not? A year-long cruise? Sure!

If the retirement coffers will have it, you can do as you please. No travelling at peak times to crowded resorts and expensive packages, no work worries hanging over you. Embrace your open schedule as a blessing when it comes to your planning.

Be smart in your choices

OK, so there are plenty of amazing options out there, but hiking up Kilimanjaro might be off the table, as might traversing the Rocky Mountains.

Getting the structure and nature of the holiday right to suit you is essential. A key feature of your planning should be understanding your limits and working with reasonable expectations of what you want to achieve. That might mean planning a shorter trip to a UK location to avoid a long journey or finding a resort that caters for any mobility aids you might need.

Staying smart in your choices doesn’t stop with your planning, either. When you’re on holiday, it’s important you listen to and respect what your body is telling you. If tonight’s not your night, take a break and come back stronger the next day.

Strength in numbers

Some people like travelling alone, others certainly do not. If you fall into the latter category, what about travelling as part of a larger group? One of the great things about being older is the sense of community amongst your peers, and travelling with friends and loved ones takes the stress of looking after everything away and offers some great company to share the experience with.

Regardless of whether that’s a coach trip to Brighton for a reminisce on the seafront or a week of fine food and drink in heart of the Mediterranean, memories are better made with good friends alongside.

Take these tips forward and make your twilight years about new adventure. An open diary, some good friends and a little bit of common sense is all you need to live life to the fullest on your holidays.

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