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Luxury on a budget: How to look flash without splashing the cash

Luxury on a budget: How to look flash without splashing the cash

There’s a reason why brands earn the title ‘luxury’. They have mastered the skill of presenting high-quality goods throughout the business, whether it’s in the product or the service (more often than not these go hand-in-hand and where one is, you will likely find the other).
Bear in mind that while you may be paying much more for a luxury item than for one off the high street, you’re gaining more than a name – think of designer items as a badge of honour demonstrating the finest quality materials, tools and craftsmanship which together create a timeless and long-lasting product.
This can be done on a budget though. How? With these little tips and tricks.

Hit the sales

Discounted products are a sure-fire way to get luxury for less. Not all brands have sales in their stores, but department stores including Harrods and Selfridges do have sales on luxury stock throughout the year. Burberry is, however, one luxury brand which does have sales on during the seasons. If you can’t find your favourite designer on sale, designer outlets are also a good way to get a luxury bargain, there are many around the country to choose from.

Shop off-season

Shopping off-season needs a little bit of forwarding planning, but it will mean you stay ahead of the game. When looking out for upcoming trends, if you notice a certain shade is part of an upcoming trend, try and find something in those colours in the sale from the previous season. When the trend comes around you will be looking flash, but for a fraction of the price.
Less is more
Don’t feel like you have to go straight to the big names which dominate the industry if you can’t afford the likes of Chanel or Hermés; there are some other luxury brands which offer premium products for less. Ted Baker is one brand which can offer luxury for less, as is Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren (three brands which also make it onto the list of most popular luxury brands in the UK).
New lease of life

Buying second hand has an abundance of benefits. As well as saving a few pounds, second-hand items encourage the recycling process which helps the environment and, if bought from a charity shop, can also help people or services in need.
The fashion industry creates a lot of pollution, with an estimated 11m clothing items ending up in landfill each week. You can find some real steals in charity shops, online sites or apps which allow you to sell old items. You can even pick up high-end luxury accessories for less including pre-owned Cartier Santos watches. This timeless piece will get a second lease of life, and you can have a key statement item for much less.
Whether it’s biding your time to bag that key piece in the sale or using discounted sites or charity shops, there are a number of ways you can get luxury for less.


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