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London's Best Restaurants

London's Best Restaurants

If you’ve ever been to London, you’ll know that it is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Around one-third of its population, accounting for around 2.5 million people, were born in other countries. They represent 270 different nationalities and speak around 300 separate languages. 

Aside from the cosmopolitan feel that this creates in the city, having people from so many different countries means that Londoners can head to the cafes and restaurants and enjoy one of the widest range of cuisines on the planet. Among these thousands of eateries, the following establishments stand out as being some of London’s best restaurants. 

Heliot Steak House

Anyone can cook steak, but it takes great skill to cook it perfectly and choose the right sides to accompany it with. Thankfully, the chefs at Heliot Steak House have what it takes, serving up some of the best steaks in London.  

Located inside the Hippodrome Casino, a former variety performance theatre and now home to the Magic Mike Live Show and PokerStars Live events, Heliot Steak House serves up flavoursome and tender USDA prime steaks that have been aged for at least four weeks.

The Cinnamon Club

While fish and chips continue to be a classic, stereotypical dish eaten in Britain, the Indian inspired chicken tikka masala has overtaken it as the UK’s favourite meal. Indian cuisine can be found everywhere in the UK, with thousands of restaurants and takeaways serving up everything from mild kormas to spicy vindaloos to millions of Brits every year.

The Cinnamon Club puts a different spin on the classic Indian restaurant though, creating a fine dining experience in the heart of central London. Everything about The Cinnamon Club creates a truly unique feel, from the grand architecture of the Grade II listed building that used to house the Westminster Library, to the interesting dishes like smoked pigeon breast with pumpkin chutney and saffron poached pear. 

It’s on the pricey side, with a meal for two likely to set you back close to £100 if you’re selective about what you order. While not great for those on a budget, you’ll struggle to find Indian cuisine like it anywhere else. 

Mesi’s Kitchen

In sharp contrast to The Cinnamon Club, Mesi’s Kitchen is an Ethiopian restaurant that serves up some of the best home cooking in London. Located on Holloway Road, a short walk from the Emirates Stadium in the London Borough of Islington. You won’t miss it, thanks to its bright pink exterior in the day and bright pink neon lights at nighttime. 

Inside, everything feels very homely, with friendly staff, and a range of African paintings and artifacts on the walls. 

All the dishes are cooked with authentic ingredients, many of which come directly from Ethiopia. All the recipes are handed down through generations before Mesi decided to create a way for Londoners to try them. Since coffee originated from Ethiopia, you should also try the range of coffees available, to experience java how it’s supposed to be made.  

Baltic Restaurant and Bar

Eastern European countries don’t always get the credit they deserve for creating incredible dishes, but Baltic Restaurant and Bar on Blackfriars Road does its bit to correct that. This is the second restaurant created by Jan Woroniecki, the first being his successful venture “Wodka” in Waterloo. 

Inside, the restaurant combines modern and classic styling with crisp white walls and sharp lines, mixed with old wooden beams when you look up at the ceiling.  

You’ll find plenty of hearty dishes, including venison and honey, soups, roasted pears, lamb goulash, pierogi and pelmeni (dumplings), blinis and a range of Eastern European drinks. The Baltic Restaurant and Bar updates its menu every day, so you’ll find something different every time you visit. 

If you’re visiting in a large group (15 people or more), then you can enjoy their “Baltic Bowl Food”. For £16 per person, you get to choose five dishes from its selection of dishes. For an additional £3 you can also pick three sweet bowls.

This is a great way to experience a range of traditional delicacies in one go, without breaking the bank. It’s popular among the large Eastern European community in the city thanks to the authentic tastes of home that it provides. 

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