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Is It Really Better to Get a Serviced Apartment Over More Traditional Forms of Accommodation?

Is It Really Better to Get a Serviced Apartment Over More Traditional Forms of Accommodation?

So, you have decided on a family holiday in Liverpool for a week to enjoy the fantastic local beaches, food, and nightclubs, but the only thing you are a bit confused about are the accommodation options. Should you book rooms in a hotel like you always do, or should you try out one of the serviced apartments that you keep hearing so much about? More importantly, is a serviced apartment really all that better from a hotel room, or is it all just marketing? Well, in order to get the answers to those questions, you will need to go through the following points first and compare your own needs and situations with them.

Does Space Matter To You?

Space isn’t always something that matters while travelling, especially if you are travelling alone. However, when it is a family holiday, then space really does matter and serviced apartments from Dream Apartments in Liverpool provide a lot of space for both you and your family to live lavishly in. Keep in mind that these are not cramped hotel rooms; rather, they are fully furnished apartments, complete with integrated state-of-the-art kitchens, large living rooms, LED mood lighting, and big bathrooms with power showers for a luxurious staying experience.

How Much is Comfort and Luxury Worth To You?

There are a good many cheaper hotels in Liverpool that rent out rooms at rates much lower than what it would cost you to stay in a luxurious serviced apartment, but they are not even comparable to the kind of quality, comfort, and service that you will experience when you rent out an apartment from a reputed name such as Dream Apartments. In order to experience the same level of luxury at a five-star hotel room, you will have to fork out a small fortune for the week and even then, it won’t have that kitchen and may actually be smaller than a big serviced apartment! In other words, if you are looking for the best value for your money, serviced apartments are unmatched in that department, even when compared to luxurious five-star hotel rooms around the UK.

Are You a Private Person?

Privacy is rare these days even in our own homes, so when you go on holiday, it becomes almost non-existent in pigeon coop-sized hotel rooms. If you are a private person, though, the customized experience of a serviced apartment will appeal to you a lot more than any hotel room possibly can. The housekeeping and concierge services will be available to cater to your needs whenever you want them to, rather than it being the other way around, while the fully stocked kitchen will let you prepare your own meals, should you wish to.

In many ways, staying in a serviced apartment is like staying in a luxurious home located at your favourite holiday destination, where you don’t have to do a single house chore that you don’t want to!

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