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How to Make Sure You Get a Good Deal on a Hotel in Glasgow

How to Make Sure You Get a Good Deal on a Hotel in Glasgow

Accommodation costs can be a real drain on your travel budget, and too often you may find yourself paying a lot for a room that’s not even that special. The good news is there are several things you can do or try to get a great deals on hotels in Glasgow, whether that’s a cheaper price tag or a perk of some kind.

1. Compare prices across sites

Comparison hotel sites are popular, and it’s worth using a couple to compare costs, especially if you identify a place you like the look of. Don’t forget to check the hotel’s website for prices too, they may offer a better deal. Do look at what any price quoted covers and excludes to compare like for like.

For hotel deals in Glasgow head over to My Hotel Break.

2. Haggle if calling the hotel directly

It’s worth a try if the difference in cost between booking directly or via a site is similar. They don’t have to pay a finder’s fee, and they get goodwill. If there’s no discount possible you could try for a room upgrade, or something extra thrown in for free instead.

3. Book way ahead for very busy times

Check online for any major events happening in the city at your travel time. Prices tend to rise for those dates so book well ahead to avoid paying over the top.

4. Hold on for last minute offers

There are specialist sites which collate this information and provide a booking service too, and it’s a good bet if you aren’t too worried about where you stay. You could grab a deal on a higher grade hotel for the cost of a standard room somewhere else. There’s also a website selling ‘secret’ hotel rooms, which is basically pot luck in the city you choose.

5. Be flexible about location

This can be a good cost saver. For example, you may have a meeting in Glasgow city central but get a cheaper deal on a hotel a mile or two away, even after adding in the cost of the commute.

6. Use business hotels at weekends

As they are busier Monday through Friday there’s every chance of a good deal on a weekend stay.

7. Check in a bit later in the day

This is the best time to ask about a free or heavily discounted upgrade as the manager is aware of what is available by this point.

8. Look for very new hotels

Brand new places tend to offer attractive discounts to lure guests.

9. Exploit loyalty programs

These are offered by a lot of chain hotels as well as some hotel booking websites. Building up points can get you free stays, free extras or good discounts on both.

10. Follow your favorite hotels on social media

This is the best way to hear about offers and voucher codes, or enjoy exclusive offers. Adding a positive review and actively sharing their content can also earn you some goodwill which you can bank and draw on in the future.

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