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Four places animal lovers should visit

Four places animal lovers should visit

There are countless numbers of ways to choose where you want to visit on holiday. For example, you might be interested in history or architecture and choose somewhere based on that, or you could choose someone to visit based on their cuisine. One great idea is choosing somewhere to explore based on the local animals - here are four wonderful places that animal lovers should visit.


There is nothing better than seeing rare, wild animals in their natural habitats and there are few places in the world as perfect for this as Tanzania. A Tanzanian safari can be taken on foot, in a car or even a hot air balloon and gives you the chance to see animals from elephants and lions to giraffes and chimpanzees. If you time your trip right you might be able to catch the Great Migration where over a million wildebeest, zebra and antelope migrate from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. 


There are so many reasons to visit Santorini, not least of which the stunning colourful world under the water that can be explored scuba diving. Whether you are a novice or a certified scuba diver, you will find somewhere to check out between the caves and reefs. The Caldera lagoon is home to lobsters, vibrant coral and beautiful fish including the colorful parrot fish.


The nine islands of the Azores are the perfect place to visit to explore nature on a prehistoric landscape, and even better, to enjoy year-round whale watching. There is a lot of work in the area done to help conservation of the whales and turtles and the area is a feeding ground rife with cetaceans. If you keep an eager eye out you should be able to spot blue whales, sperm whales and fin whales in the water; whether from a dedicated boat trip tour, or sat on one of the dark sand beaches. 


Thailand has so many incredible animals to see including elephants, so a visit to the Elephant Nature Park is a fantastic idea. Either visit for one night, or be a volunteer for four weeks and get up close and personal with the elephants without contributing to cruel tourist traps which forces elephants to give rides. The park works to look after rescued elephants and plants around 25 acres of trees every year to help with rainforest restoration, so you can take a holiday and know you’re doing something positive too.
The world is full of amazing animals and getting to see them in the wild where they belong is an incredible experience. It’s important to make sure the places you are visiting look after the animals and that you aren’t contributing to cruel animal tourist practices. However, thankfully, there are a whole load of options that will allow you to help the animals while you get to enjoy them. Do you have any tips on where fellow animal lovers should visit? Let us know in the comments!


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