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Four Of The Most Luxurious Things To Do In London

Four Of The Most Luxurious Things To Do In London

London is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. But it’s also the most beautiful and culturally rich cities that have an array of activities of any kind of traveler. If you’re looking to splurge a little, then London is the right city for you. You’ll find a wide variety of luxury experiences waiting to be discovered. We’ve gathered the top 4 luxurious things you can do when visiting London. 

Sip fancy afternoon tea

You can’t visit London without having tea at one of their many luxurious locations. Afternoon tea is probably one of the most quintessential British experiences you’ll ever have. To do so luxuriously, visit the Royal Albert Hall, where you’ll get afternoon tea, gourmet delicacies like cake and sandwiches, as well as a glass of champagne. You can also experience afternoon tea like no other at one of their many luxurious hotels with endless scones, dessert, and a wide selection of tea for any tea lover.

Go on a spa day

No one does Spas like London. You can find the most luxurious spas where you’ll be pampered like royalty. Many offer a variety of massage packages and treatments at lush individual rooms, delicious tea and healthy snacks, and stunning pools. You can also order a spa day wherever you’re located in London, even if you’re in the mood for a luxurious sensual massage. The folks at Karma Tantric believe that the sensual massages are designed to free your mind and invigorate your body; you can opt for one of the many unique and sensational massages. Pampering yourself while traveling is definitely the perfect and most luxurious thing you can do.

Experience London from the sky

There are many ways you can view London, and some of them are too incredible to skip out on. You can sign up for an aerial view through a helicopter tour; you’ll get to see London from 1,000 feet above and enjoy stunning views. You can also make your London Eye experience a private one by renting out one of the capsules for you and your loved ones. You’ll sip on champagne, satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate and truffles, and enjoy the view from above. You can also sign up for the unique pop-up event London in the sky, where you can enjoy a culinary experience prepared by the finest chefs. The catch? You’ll dine at a table suspended 25 meters in the air.

Dine like royalty

You can easily find some of the best culinary experiences in London. You can choose the Menu Prestige at Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant, or go for an expensive cocktail at the famous Mr. Salvatore’s Calabrese’s Bar, or treat yourself to the most expensive burger in the UK, the Glam Burger. All these experiences will range between 300 pounds to a whopping 5,000.
London is one of the most culturally-diverse and exciting cities with a sprawling set of activities for any seasoned traveler to enjoy. Live the luxurious life of royalty by splurging and signing up to some of the endless lavish experiences. From delicious, fine-dining to extravagant activities, you’ll definitely get to enjoy what London has to offer

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