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Four Essential Car Accessories for Frequent Travelers

Four Essential Car Accessories for Frequent Travelers

There’s nothing quite as freeing as packing your essentials in the trunk and heading out on the open road, just you and your car. The United States is a huge place; there is more than enough to see to last an entire lifetime, and the environments on offer range from urban sprawls to endless expanses of desert. For those who have the means and opportunity to do so, setting out on a freeform journey across the United States with just your car and the bare essentials can be a great experience.

However, everyone has their own creature comforts and personal necessities, but there are also some gadgets which the modern traveler simply shouldn’t be without. Here are some of those accessories which are aimed specifically at drivers to ensure that you have the smoothest journey possible. Many also expand the functionality of your car.


The GorillaPod is an innovative tripod which features flexible legs. The legs, while rigid, can be bent to any shape and therefore the GorillaPod can be used to attach cameras to branches, railings, or even a steering wheel. Needless to say, you shouldn’t use the GorillaPod to try and watch Netflix on your phone while you drive, but for recording shots of your journey, the GorillaPod makes it easy to position your camera(s).

While the GorillaPod is small, it is also very versatile. The GorillaPod itself weighs less than half a pound and is capable of holding a camera up to 6.6 pounds, making it suitable for most DSLR setups.

Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition interlock devices are designed to prevent drink-driving incidents by making it impossible to operate a vehicle without first providing a breath sample. The cost of an ignition interlock device is small compared to the cost of facing a DUI charge! These devices are not intended as anti-theft devices, however not only will they prevent criminals who are acting while intoxicated from alcohol, it would require a sober criminal to provide a breath sample. From this, DNA can be retrieved and so it may well deter thieves as well.


This is another essential accessory for anyone who likes taking snaps of their travels abroad. The intervalometer is a device which plugs into your camera and allows you to take photos at regular intervals. You can adjust the parameters as much as you like and have as many or as few photos taken over a period of time as you like. In conjunction with the GorillaPod, this makes it possible to leave a camera somewhere and have it automatically take photos periodically. If you are someone who likes taking photos or videos of their journeys, then this allows you to have different sections of long journeys shot without having to adjust the settings manually.

Solar Powered Fan

If you plan to go exploring some of the hotter climates in the US, then you’re going to want to stay cool. A solar powered automatic fan provides an elegant solution. Because it is solar powered it will have energy whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about batteries, and you get to harness solar power!

These four accessories will each make your next long car journey much more enjoyable. You can zoom along safe in the knowledge that your cameras are recording the most picturesque portions of your journey.

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