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Five Luxury Suitcase Staples

Five Luxury Suitcase Staples

When you’re planning a luxury trip abroad — staying in some of the finest hotels in your destination city, and eating out in exclusive, stylish venues — it’s important that you look and feel the part. The contents of your suitcase are crucial in establishing your luxury credentials as they will enable you to embody chic style throughout your time in a foreign land.

Read on to learn the five suitcase items that are considered most essential for the luxury traveler, helping him or her exude opulence and confidence during their time abroad.


For both men and women, cosmetics — and this encompasses makeup as well as deodorant and aftershave — are a big part of your daily routine. You shouldn’t scrimp on these essentials and you should be prepared to pack a large luxury travel wash kit, complete with all of your best grooming products with you on your trip. That way, you’ll be able to look spot-on when you grace the finest eateries in your destination.


There’s lots that can be said about luxury clothing for vacations. All that needs to be emphasized in this piece is that you should consider buying clothes at the height of fashion for your trip. Make use of the helpful Cash Lady tool to enable you to find the luxury clothes and purchase only those items that you feel will suit the area you’re visiting. For instance, if you’re headed to a country with faded sepia colors, the palette of your clothing should reflect that.


For women, accessories include everything from earrings to sunglasses and a wide-brimmed sun hat. For men, the key accessory is a watch. Try a leather-bound watch in order to bring an element of casual style to your wrist, and vintage sunglasses — described by Fashion Beans— that’ll help you exude confidence and timeless elegance. Be prepared to shop around for your vacation accessories: you’ll find wonderful discounts online for luxurious brands if you search hard enough.

Smart Phone

Nothing can be more essential for any kind of vacation abroad than the smartphone. This is your ticket onto excellent transport that’ll whisk you from destination to destination; it’s your camera, your contact book, and your mapping device, and so much more, too. Bring a new smartphone on your trip to dazzle with photographs, and make sure to pack a portable charger so you’re always guaranteed to have juice, even in the most remote and luxuriously calm of destinations.

The Suitcase

Meanwhile, travelers often forget that suitcases themselves come in luxury configurations and are always made by designers as well as by cheaper airport supply companies. It’s here that you’ll truly establish your luxury credentials by carrying around a case that’s scuffed from the marks of travel, but yet oozes sophistication and an old-world class that is fading slowly from the world. Look to leather cases and those with smart locking systems to bring that last taste of glamor to your time abroad.

There you have it: key suitcase essentials to ramp up the luxury feel on your trip abroad in the coming months. 

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