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Five Luxury Hotel Amenities and How to Bring them Home

Five Luxury Hotel Amenities and How to Bring them Home

Have you recently returned home from a vacation where you were able to stay at a luxury hotel? Luxury hotels make guests feel a level of comfort that just can’t be rivaled by other hotels. Every last detail is painstakingly thought of, and your comfort is the hotel’s number one priority, it seems. So, as you return home and start to miss all those little things in your room that added up to the most luxurious stay imaginable, it’s normal to wonder if there’s a way you can recreate that vibe at home.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of five luxury hotel amenities that you can actually bring home or purchase at home so that you can extend your “luxury stay.”

Luxury Bedding at Its Finest

One of the top amenities that guests comment on after a stay in a luxury hotel is how comfortable the bedding was. If you found you were sleeping better than normal and woke up each morning feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, there’s a good chance the bedding played a part in it.

You can recreate this feeling at home with the luxurious room in a bag through Designer Living. Not only are all the pieces coordinated to work together, but they are of superior quality, so you'll get that incredible night of sleep that you deserve. Now because it’s a room in a bag rather than just a bed in a bag, you will be getting added touches like throw pillows, pillow shams, and even window valances.

Stock Your Bathroom Full of Luxurious Products

Another item luxury hotels are known for is bath and body products. Sure, you may have packed all your own toiletries, but there’s a good chance you left them in your suitcase in order to try the items left out in your bathroom. Why not pamper yourself at home with sumptuous smelling soaps, bubble bath, and body lotions. You can even display your items on the bathroom counter in a decorative container, just like in the hotel.

Spoil Yourself with Thick Plush Towels

While on the topic of the washroom, towels are usually the next amenity you can recreate at home. Luxury hotels are known for offering thick, plush, and soft towels. This is something you can easily find at any home store. Be sure to stick to neutral colors if you’re hoping to create that spa-like feel.

Stock Up on Oversized Pillows

We all know that hotels are notorious for offering a selection of pillows, but luxury hotels seem to go above and beyond in this category. A great way you can recreate this feature at home is to stock up on oversized pillows for your bed. You can also add variety with the European pillows, which are large square pillows ideal for relaxing with.

What About the Snacks?

Of course, nothing beats being able to get out of bed and take just a couple of steps to your own personal coffee bar in the hotel room. You can then sit up in bed with a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, or watch a little TV. There's nothing to stop you from creating your own little coffee bar in your room if space permits.
Thanks to these tips you’ll be able to feel as though you’re on vacation all the time.

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