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Five Global Festivals You Should Attend this Year

Five Global Festivals You Should Attend this Year

It’s never too early to consider the festivals you wish to attend in 2018, and with an abundance to choose from and such limited time, you may need time deliberating which festival is best for you and what you wish to experience this year. If you’re interested in experiencing culinary delights, then make sure to search for festivals catered to foodies, but if you’re looking to see your favorite band this year, then consider one of the many music festivals. If you can’t decide, then don’t fret, as there are many festivals that offshoot into more than one niche. For inspiration on which festivals to consider, then read the following:

Coachella, April
If you love music, fashion and food (plus the chance to run into celebrities), then Coachella may be your perfect match. People from all over the world attend this festival, and usually, it’s an exciting place to express yourself without many limitations. Not only is the line-up an eclectic mix of genres, but the location, set-up and clothing of the event are out-of-this-world and truly incredible.

Floating Lantern Festival, May
For a more idyllic and relaxing festival, Hawaii’s Floating Lantern Festival is both symbolic and beautiful. Each year, over 50,000 people gather on the shores of Hawaii to release their lanterns. These lanterns honor loved ones and express hope for the future.

The Calgary Stampede, July
Canada’s Calgary has earned its nickname “Cowtown,” due to its July rodeo. The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every summer, and is an exciting festival to experience. As well as the actual rodeo, there’s also an evening show, several high-energy entertainment shows, live music from country legends, and both Western and Agricultural news for those interested. Of course, when visiting Calgary, there’s much more to explore, as the city boasts many attractions to keep you busy once the festival is over. For instance, if you’re looking for things to do in Calgary today, then head to the Kawa Espresso Bar for the best caffeine pick-me-up, or see rare animals up-close-and-personal at the Calgary Zoo.

Air Guitar World Championships, August
Finland host this spectacular event, and it’s an ideal place for those who believe their air guitar skills are like none other. The event itself is in jest, as it promotes world peace, as the organizers themselves say “wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar.” For more information, click here.

Pizzafest, September
Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s a much-loved food, and one many people would die to eat authentically in Italy. Well, if you visit Italy’s Naples sometime in September, then you’ll witness Napoli’s Lungomare Caracciolo area become a pizza village! The very best pizzerias will serve pizzas varying in style, from the classics like Margherita and Napoletana, to the more modern pizzas of today. Usually, the attractions vary, but you could bear witness to anything from the world pizza making championships to the simplicity of eating a pizza under the shadow of a read volcano, Mount Vesuvius.

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