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Don’t Let Poor Health Ruin Your Travel Plans

Don’t Let Poor Health Ruin Your Travel Plans

Travel is a source of tremendous joy for many people. Spending time in a luxury resort hotel somewhere hot and tropical or taking a meandering boat ride somewhere scenic is guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away and obliterate stress. Unfortunately, when we are struck down by poor health, our travel plans are the first thing that bites the dust. But, this need not be the case if we approach it with a different mindset. With a bit of careful planning, you can still travel, even if your health is currently compromised.

There are many reasons why you may not be in the best of health. Long-term chronic health conditions such as autoimmune diseases can play havoc with our health, making it hard to know how we are going to feel from one day to the next. A temporary illness or even terminal cancer is something many people have to deal with. Even relatively minor health problems such as hair loss – check out the causes of hair loss in women here – can cause a loss of confidence, which in turn makes us want to put off our travel plans indefinitely.

Check with Your Doctor

The good news is that you can still travel. Unless your doctor specifically advises you not to travel, why not book a trip away? Visiting a new place and getting away from your regular routine will inject some fun back into your life. This is incredibly helpful if you have been stuck in an endless cycle of hospital appointments or housebound for a few weeks. There is nothing quite like a blue-sky holiday to lift the spirits!

However, before you make any plans, talk to your doctor. If he/she says you are fit to travel, then start making some arrangements.

How Far Do You Want to Go?

Think carefully before booking an overseas vacation if you have complex health problems. For one thing, you won’t be able to get travel insurance, and for another, healthcare is different overseas and there could be a language barrier to negotiate. The last thing your family needs is the worry and expense of arranging a medical evacuation from a foreign country.

If your health issues are not so severe, traveling overseas is fine as long as you organize suitable travel insurance. Remember to declare all of your health problems on the application, or it will be voided in the event of a claim.

Be Prepared

Prepare everything you need for the trip. Make sure you have enough medication, plus a bit extra, just in case. Check what medication you can take into the destination country. Some nations are very strict about prescription medications, particularly painkillers.

Check with the hotel to make sure the facilities are suitable if you need a ground floor bedroom or disabled bathroom facilities. Organize any airport transfers, assistance, etc., well in advance if you are in a wheelchair or you have mobility issues.

Stay Closer to Home

Another idea for those with health issues is to plan a vacation closer to home.   If, for example, you currently suffer with health complaints due to past alcoholism, maybe it would be wiser for you to vacation within the country you know, as opposed to abroad in a location you are unfamiliar with.  You can still drive in a car fitted with an interlock device for your and your family’s safety, yet you could take a road trip to a new part of the state or even further.  This is ideal for anyone who would struggle to get travel insurance due to a health issue too.

Lastly, draw up an itinerary that suits your health; be sure to include enough rest time. It may be useful to hire a guide to show you around rather than relying on public tours. 

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