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How To Find A Luxury Hotel Worth Your Money

How To Find A Luxury Hotel Worth Your Money

If money isn’t a problem and you want to elevate your overall vacation experience, a luxury hotel is the best accommodation option for you to choose. It has amenities, features, and other services that’ll improve your level of comfort and give you a better stay. Why deprive yourself of that added comfort and service when you can afford it anyway.

But truth be told, not every luxury hotel is going to be worth your money. Some are merely banking on their famous name, but the employees no longer know what providing a five-star service entails. After all, the luxury experience isn’t only dependent on how the hotel looks like but also on the level of service that the team provides.

So, since you’re willing to spend for a luxurious stay, you should ensure that you’ll be getting what you’re paying for. The luxury hotel has to be worth your money. Here’s how you can find the best luxury hotels that live up to their name and the five-star experience:

1. Establish A Good Relationship With Travel Agencies And Hotel Managers

If you’re a regular patron of their services, luxury hotels and other premiere establishments like The Drake Hotel will consider you a valued customer. Consistent with any marketing strategy, these hotel managers and travel agencies will prioritize serving valued clients well to encourage a good relationship between you and their brand.

When you’re given this privilege, take advantage of it by maintaining that relationship. These hotel managers can connect you with their sister companies in other luxurious destinations so that you can be given VIP treatment in other locations.

This is an advantage on your part, as it takes away the need for you to do your own research to know more about a certain luxury hotel. You can bank on their name and their services that they won’t run you off your money.

2. Sign Up For Email Updates

Similar to airlines, luxury hotels and resorts also have subscription forms on their websites that you can sign up for. Apart from the official hotel websites, various booking sites may also offer this option. When these are available, consider signing up for these as well.

When you sign up for these email updates, it'll be easier for you to find good deals on luxury hotels. Why pay full price if you can enjoy luxury accommodations at discounted rates? When you’re not paying the full price, then you’re definitely getting more value for what you're spending.

3. Choose A Strategic Location

When it comes to the location of a luxury hotel or resort, not all are equal. There are locations that have superior amenities and more potential for enjoyment.

For instance, imagine that you’re comparing two luxury properties in a place you’re traveling to this year. The only difference between the two is that one of them has a sprawling white sand beach that’s exclusive and private. It also comes with room options with direct access to the beach, plus its own pool villa. The other one, however, doesn’t have a beach because it’s located uphill. Surely, you’d go with the location that has access to the beach.

Of course, the choice is still a matter of personal preference—what you’re looking for in a location. Factor this in so you feel that the luxury property was worth all your money.

4. Opt For Hotels With Favorable Cancellation Policies

Especially as of posting, choosing a luxury hotel with the option of cancellation is a must. Surely you wouldn’t want to lose all the money you’ll pay for a room in case you can’t make it to your trip for various reasons. A flexible cancellation option can give you peace of mind that you’ll still get your money back in case travel restrictions will hamper your trip.

A good and reputable luxury hotel and resort should offer this option willingly as part of their five-star customer service to ensure the peace of mind of their guests.

5. Factor In The Style

Taking into consideration that hotels have different interior design styles is also important as you choose the best hotel for your next trip.

Guests have their respective preferences. For instance, there are those who prefer contemporary-style rooms. But there are also those who feel more relaxed in a hotel with a tropical feel. Choose according to the style that you prefer, so you feel comfortable once you’re on the hotel premises.

6. Consider The Staff’s Response

While you’re still in the process of booking your luxury hotel accommodations, also take note of the way that the staff responds to your concerns, if you’ve got any. The customer service that the staff of luxury hotels provides should be of five-star quality; don’t settle for anything less. If they’re not friendly or amicable, that should be a telling sign that you won’t be getting what you’re paying for.

Remember that once you reach the hotel premises, the way the staff treats you can also spell the difference in the comfort level that you’re going to experience.

7. Room Size

Another factor that truly separates luxury hotels from budget ones is the space. Obviously, you should have more space in a more expensive accommodation. The objective here is that after putting in your suitcase and other things, you don’t feel cramped in your hotel or resort room.

Typically, booking websites are going to have measurements of the room’s size. Consider how many you’re going to be in each room and if this is a big enough size for you to have enough space to ‘breathe’ and relax. If you feel it’ll still feel cramped, then you can always size up to another room or look for other hotels with more spacious rooms.

Final Thoughts

When you go on vacation to relax, a big factor that can contribute to your experience is your hotel choice. Now that you know how to differentiate a luxury hotel that lives up to its name from one that’s most likely going to be a waste of your hard-earned money, you’re one step closer to finding the right luxury hotel that’ll help you have the best holiday. Don't let the wrong luxury hotel affect what would’ve otherwise been a five-star holiday.

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