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Dead Sea Historical Facts Worth Knowing

Dead Sea Historical Facts Worth Knowing

While there are many things about the Dead Sea that most people are generally aware of, the familiarity with what has essentially become a popular tourist spot ends with its unusually high salt content and the multitude of health benefits that it yields. These are certainly things not to scoff at, but the cultural and historical significance are typically overshadowed by the more practical elements. To this end, what is the Dead Sea? Here are some historical facts worth knowing.

Why is it called the Dead Sea?
The misleading name often elicits thoughts of lifelessness and peril, but the reason why the Dead Sea is referred to as dead is because it generally isn’t possible for aquatic creatures and plants to survive in it. Before this became common knowledge however, it was originally called the Salt Sea based on early Hebrew Scriptures. It later changed, sometime during the Roman era, into what it is called today for the same reason of being devoid of aquatic life forms.

It is biblically significant
Supposedly, the Dead Sea also served as a place of sanctuary and refuge for the likes of King David. Its overall geography makes it not just viable but realistically feasible for this purpose. Herod the Great had also apparently benefitted from it too, and it became one of the world’s first health and wellness resorts. This comes as no surprise since the high volume and concentration of minerals found in the Dead Sea is host to a lot of health benefits, and advantageous for therapeutic treatments.

The lowest point in the world may be the most colorful
Aside from being a body of water extremely rich with salt content, another quality that stands out is the fact that the Dead Sea is literally the lowest point in the world. At approximately 1,388 feet below sea level, both its shores as well as surface stand as the lowest possible elevation on dry land. It can also boast a multitude of different colors ranging from azure to blue, and even shades of pink on occasion. This is primarily caused by the elevation at which the sun sits, as well the area, and time of day.

There is a multitude of other facts and trivia regarding the Dead Sea, and this information alone makes it worth the experience. It isn’t terribly difficult to imagine why so many people would want to visit the place. Not only does it give us a glimpse as to how historically significant this landmark is, but the practical benefits that the Dead Sea is able to provide and the magnificent geographical landscape around it make it a sight to behold. For those who may be at a loss as to where to take their next vacation or holiday trip, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better location than the Dead Sea.

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