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Can a Holiday Really Be Free? CLC World Travel Centre Review

Can a Holiday Really Be Free? CLC World Travel Centre Review

Like many savvy travellers, I usually approach wonderful sounding holiday-related with more than a little distrust. This is especially true as I work in the travel-writing field and have come across many so-called deals that are actually nothing more than advertising gimmicks or PR stunts.
So, when I initially heard about the CLC World free holiday promotion – which promises a seven-night stay in a CLC World resort in return for visiting a CLC World Travel Centre and taking part in a brief, interactive multimedia presentation – I was somewhat sceptical.
After all, like a great many people I am familiar with and usually give credence to the saying: “you can’t get something for nothing.” And, this stunning CLC World promotion sounded very much as if it was indeed giving away quite a substantial “something” (a holiday) for what amounted to very nearly “nothing” (a few hours of time listening to a proposition about CLC World holiday ownership opportunities).
Nevertheless, when I recently was invited to head to my local CLC World Travel Centrein Central London to write a review about what happens there (and earn a holiday in the process), I decided to suspend my tendency towards disbelief and approach the experience with an objective attitude and an open mind.
Before I made the short hop over to the conveniently situated CLC World Travel Centre, I dida bit of research to find out more about CLC World itself. What I discovered was undeniably impressive. After more than 30 years in business, the privately-owned company has managed to build up a spotless reputation as Europe’s leading independent resort operator. Armed with this useful knowledge, I set off to keep my appointment.
A Compelling and Informative Demonstration
No sooner had I stepped across the threshold of the invitingly-decorated reception area of the CLC World Travel Centre, than I was warmly greeted by a smiling CLC World holiday consultant. He guided me inside the large, open-plan room, where together we would explore the various holiday ownership optionsthat CLC World provides. There were many others there that day, also meeting with their own CLC holiday consultants. Couples, individuals and even families – all apparently spending a short time at the CLC World Travel Centrein order to find out more about CLC World.
After we had taken a seat at our table, and I had settled in, with a steaming cup of tea, in front of our individual state-of-the-art video screen, we were almost ready to begin. But, before we got started, the CLC holiday consultant made it amply clear, in no uncertain terms that, whatever the ultimate outcome of our session might be, I would still be receiving a seven-night promotional stay at one of three CLC World resorts – in either the Costa del Sol, Spain, Orlando, Florida or Kusadasi, Turkey. In addition, I discovered that I would be entitled to get gift vouchers as well. All this would be mine just by virtue of my attendance and attention that day. I was glad and relieved that the CLC holiday consultant went out of his way to set me at ease on this point and to let me know that I would definitely be given these rewards no matter what.
Once that issue was reassuringly cleared up, it was time to learn more about CLC World and its holiday ownership possibilities.
I was pleasantly surprised by the well-executed and informative multimedia presentation that followed. In response to my answers to queries that the CLC holiday consultant posed about my travel preferences, he showed me a series of images and explanations that really conveyed what CLC World has to offer in a personalised and immediate way.
The stunning visuals of gorgeous sun-drenched destinations and lovely, well-equipped resorts, as well as the ongoing back-and-forth interaction with the CLC holiday consultant – answering and asking questions as we went along – helped me to clarify what I like and don’t like when holidaying and create a realistic wish list. As a travel writer, holidaymaking was something I thought that I thoroughly had a handle on. But this process showed me that I still had things to learn. Based on the profile we were building through this interactive display, we were soon able to hone in on which specific sorts of CLC World holiday ownership options, resorts, destinations and other products might most appeal to me and make the best sense for my specific inclinations, lifestyle and budget.
Although I had arrived at the CLC World Travel Centreexpecting some level of sales pressure, nothing of the sort materialised. On the contrary, I actually ended up enjoying 90, stress-free minutes, in which I got to chat about my favourite types of holidays and look at pictures of beautiful resorts and idyllic hideaways. The time seemed to fly by and before I knew it, the presentation was drawing to a close. Even though the opportunities I had been shown were extremely compelling, I was not in a position to follow through with any of them at that time. When I let the helpful CLC holiday consultant know that this was the case, he expressed no displeasure with my decision whatsoever. Instead, he genuinely thanked me for coming in to the CLC World Travel Centreto learn more about CLC World’s holiday ownershipand travel options. The CLC holiday consultant then courteously escorted me back to reception and instructed me on how to sign up for my free holiday andcomplementary gift vouchers.
An Incredible Reward
Several weeks later, I set off to take advantage of my promotional CLC World holiday. I jetted to the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain to stay for seven nights at the CLC World resort of Marina del Rey.
Even though my visit to the CLC World Travel Centrehad been so positive and had left me with an unequivocally good impression of the company, I must admit to having a hint of trepidation about this trip. This stemmed from the fact that I still wasn’t completely convinced that it was actually possible to get a free holiday (all I was responsible for was my flight, insurance and food costs) just by participating in a short multimedia presentation about CLC holiday ownership possibilities.
As it turned out, I had absolutely nothing to be worried about.
My traveling companion and I were able to stretch out and completely relax in the plush comfort of our own spacious one-bedroom apartment – complete with well-appointed décor and a full kitchen. With access to all of the first-rate amenities and features that the resort provides – including a soothing spa, well-stocked gym, a range of delicious dining venues, tons of exciting entertainment and sun beds galore around a sparkling pool – we felt totally spoiled and extremely well taken care of.
In fact, after indulging in CLC Marina del Rey’s wonderful touches and experiencing what this region near Malaga, Spain has to offer – such as sandy beaches and glorious natural scenery – we both agreed that this was a truly idyllic getaway. And, best of all, in spite of my original doubts, and exactly as CLC World had promised, this seven-night holiday had truly been free.

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