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Awesome Islands For Bike Tours

Awesome Islands For Bike Tours

Bike tours are becoming a trend nowadays. Maybe someone is wondering what bike tours are. Bike tours are biking events that involve following a chosen path of choice. It involves riding for long distances and usually the lasts for some time, or say a few weeks, and sometimes going up to some months. It involves riding, camping and mostly exploration. You may go for a bike tour alone, or with your buddies as you enjoy some bonding time together. Riding through beautiful islands will only but spice up your trip.

Here are the top five awesome Islands for bike tours that you should try out. Amateur bike tourists can also explore them as well as gurus.

1.  The Croatian Island

If you love warm weather, you should consider Croatia. Cycling through Croatia is an experience you will live to remember. Cycling Croatia offers cycling tours through the Brac, Hvar, Korcula, then through the Peljesac peninsula before finishing at Dubrovnik point. Cycle the hills, swim the deep blue waters and eat seafood and Croatian wine. I am sure you’ll enjoy your cycling experience here.
2.  Malta Island

Malta may appear to be small, but it has many things to offer. Cycling is the best way to start your tour on this beautiful island. Many people visit Malta for beach vacations and miss out on the attractions and historical sights that Malta offers. It is one island that you should make sure to explore. From the ancient temples, great capital Valletta, to the crystal-clear waters of Comino, you’ll surely enjoy your tour. While here, you can visit Mellieha which is one of the best tourist destinations in Malta. Check out Mellieħa travel tips for more information about hotels, bars and places to visit while in Malta. You can explore the beautiful beaches in Mellieha on bikes. It is a worthy place worthy of your time and money.

3.  Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Located between rocky cliffs and mountains, Dingle peninsula is a darling to many cyclists. Rides will take a day-long loop through historic ruins, amazing beaches, and a roaring coastline full of beautiful scenery. This peninsula has more than 2000 monuments dating back to about 40000BC. You’ll also pass through the village of Dunquin which has empty ragged homes that were left behind after famine hit the place. While here, you will also pass through the Gallarus Oratory, which is one of the ancient Churches in Ireland. Before you return to Dingle town, pass through the Irish Romanesque church and explore the cemetery.

4.  Sardinia, Italy

It is usually referred to as a paradise for cyclists. Sardinia has good roads, mountains, excellent food and endless beaches to explore. You can avoid the main roads and ride anywhere else around the area. From Olbia, take the east coast route which will take you through a long coastal stretch into the mountainous regions of Sardinia. Here you will explore great lakes, medieval towns, chestnut woods, rugged limestone peaks, vineyards and olive groves. The bike tour will begin beside the sea; then it will take two days in the mountains after which you’ll return to the coast as you head to the port of Cagliari.

5.  Maui, USA

Don’t make a mistake of going there with bikes with skinny tires, better rent a mountain bike for this Hawaii tour. The islands have routes that can be compared to dinosaur tracks. Haleakala volcano in Maui is among the highest in the world sanding at an astounding 10000 feet. It has trails down its slope, like the Skyline Ridge trail that starts from the top and drops to 3000ft within 11km. You’ll view the apocalyptic sceneries of the remains of lava and cinder cones. Many experienced cyclists will love the stretches around the mountain. Carter Cycles in Kahului have mountain bikes for rent; they also have road bikes if you want to ascend back.
Taking some time to ride your bike/bikes through these beautiful islands will leave you with fond memories. They offer some of the best attraction sites you will never be able to explore with your car or on foot. They also offer a chance for friends to bond as they cycle together. I hope this guide will help you find a good destination for your next bike tour.

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