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52 Cool & Unusual Activities To Do In Australia

52 Cool & Unusual Activities To Do In Australia

Discover amazing national parks, explore iconic cities, encounter unique wildlife, try delicious local cuisine; Australia has so much to offer to its visitors. Getting through these amazing Australia attractions will take a lifetime, so we have prepared for you the ultimate bucket list of fun things to do in Australia. Are you ready?

Australia Must Do:

1. Dance At Rainbow Serpent Festival

Formerly a local festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival is now known worldwide as a music and art festival. A journey at this festival will bring you to a parallel universe between psy-trance and Australian culture.


2. Take A Dip At Sydney Royal National Park 8 Pools

Located in Sydney Royal National Park, the Figure 8 Pools are naturally formed rock pools, perfect for amazing snapshots.


3. Visit Middle Island And Discover The Pink Lake Hillier

You’re not dreaming, this lake is all pink, and its color is still a mystery for the scientists. With its restricted access (only scientists are allowed), the only way to admire the pink Lake Hillier is by helicopter tour. It’s definitely a fun things to do if you travel to Western Australia.


4. Disguise Yourself For Mardi Gras In Sydney

Mardi Gras in Sydney is a festival as well as the LGBT parade. It has been known worldwide as the most impressive and joyous LGBT celebration regrouping more than 20,000 people and growing every year. The city holds this day as the most festive day of the year! A must do if you want to enjoy a great nightlife in Sydney.


5. Meet A Shark In Its Natural Habitat

A wise man once said that one man’s heaven is another man’s hell. This quote is even more true with shark cage diving! Be amazed by this unforgettable activity.


6. Dance All Night In Brown Alley, Melbourne

The multi-level Brown alley in Melbourne boasts one of the most extensive and most awarded sound systems in the city. This nightclub will bring you to the real Aussie nightlife.


7. Climb The Sydney Harbor Bridge

Venture to the top of this iconic building and enjoy an unbeatable view of Sydney city skyline. You may climb it either by night or by day. Witness the city from the sky, don’t forget to take your camera for amazing pictures. Definitely a fun things to do in Sydney.


8. Dive In The Great Barrier Reef

Located on Australian East Coast, this 2,300 kilometers barrier reef is the largest one on earth. Discover more than 1,500 species of fish, 4,000 types of mollusks and more than hundreds of species of whales, dolphins, turtles, and sharks. The Great Barrier Reef thrills tourists from all over the world! Take a dip in the sea and discover this magical underwater world. You will be amazed by this beauty of nature. A tour to the Great Barrier Reef is one of the top things to do!


9. Sail The Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands are among the world’s most spectacular sailing destinations. Get on board and head to a true paradise. A wonderful place you will never forget.

10. Explore The Wildlife At Kangaroo Island

Situated in the south of Australia, next to Adelaïde, the Kangaroo Island is one of the best places in Australia to discover its unique wildlife. The island provides an enjoyable experience for both children and adults. Australian rangers will take you off the beaten track to discover the natural wonders of the island.


11. Try Sandboarding In Dunes

Sandboarding is one of the must-do experiences in the desert. Glide down the dunes and feel like a snowboarder for a moment. Would you give it a try?


12. Experience The Melbourne Beer Odyssey

The ultimate cruise of Melbourne genuine urban breweries and cider bars, Melbourne Beer Odyssey is a must-do for beer lovers. Experience old-world styles and new world inspiration.

13. Try Rafting On The Mighty Tully River

Spend a day on the Tully River, get wet and have fun with your mates. No experience is necessary – just a sense of adventure!


14. Fly At Byron Bay In A Hot Air Balloon

Suitable for children and adults, hot air ballooning is the best way to see Aussie’s most spectacular scenery surrounding Byron Bay. Hot air balloons is a fun things to do to soak up incredible views of the ocean and hinterlands from the sky.

15. Party At Road To Ultra Australia Festival

Probably the most famous festival in the world after Burning man, Ultra Music Festival is now in Australia to rock the countryside with the most recognized DJs of the world like Axwell Λ Ingrosso or Afrojack.

16. Ride A Horse At Mornington Peninsula

Hop on horseback and ride alongside the ocean beach. Finish your journey at local hot springs and relax in the beautiful natural hot waters.

17. Go Canyoning In The Blue Mountains

This canyoning journey will bring you into an unrivaled experience through Blue Mountains National Park, one of the 100 best National Parks in the world. The pristine beauty of the canyon is out of any description.

18. Relax Yourself At Mataranka Springs

Located 100 km South of Kakadu National Park, Mataranka spring offers thermal baths. Surrounded by a palm forest with a constant temperature of 34 degrees, Mataranka is an ideal place to relax and swim in crystal clear stream springs.


19. Take A Ride With A 4X4 Taster

Prepare yourself for a new and awesome driving challenge. Strap in, hold on tight and take the wheel in a sensational extreme 4X4 Taster drive experience.


20. Have Fun At Airlie Beach

Located on Queensland’s Whitsunday Coast, this vibrant town is renowned for its nightlife. Airlie Beach is also known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef with its beautiful tropical weather, pristine blue waters and picturesque views.


21. Jump Out Of A Plane At Wollongong…

At Wollongong, experience a tandem skydive right above the turquoise waters. Freefall from up to 15000ft and scream until your parachute opens. Has anyone ever dreamed of flying?

22. … Or Try It Indoor

Experience the thrill of skydiving without having to jump from an airplane, just try indoor skydiving.

23. Hold The Rhythm At The Blues Fest

Formerly the East Coast International Blues & Roots Music Festival, The Blues Fest is held since 1990 and proposed lots of iconic blues singers like Bob Dylan or Chris Isaak. A must-do for all blues music lovers.


24. Ride The Gold Coast In A Buggy Car

You may discover the Gold Coast with a buggy. Sit back in the car and enjoy a breathtaking journey along the seaside.


25. Follow Aussie Nightlife Rhythm At The ARQ, Sydney

Located at the end of Oxford Street, head to ARQ nightclub and spend an unforgettable party in the best club of Sydney.


26. Hug A Koala At Lone Pine Sanctuary

Located only 12km from Brisbane City, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which has been awarded by the Guinness World Record book is the most significant koala sanctuary in the world. It hosts more than 130 wild koalas. You may hold a koala, feed kangaroos and meet different Australian wildlife in natural settings.Wouldn’t you want to cuddle one of them?


27. Enjoy A Wine Tour At Mornington Peninsula

Give yourself a relaxant day trip to Mornington Peninsula and sample delicious local wine & food. Let an expert show you secret places, famed farms and local wineries.


28. Drive A Real Rally Car

What a rush! This unique venue will bring you to the adrenaline-fuelled world. This is your opportunity to drive a real rally car.


29. Stargaze At Wide Open Space

Initially an annual rave party, the Wide Open Space festival is held in the middle of nowhere in Australia. It’s not only about music, but also artistic performance and aboriginal culture. It is the heartbeat of the Australian way of life, and a must do for off-roads tourism and backpackers.


30. Swim With Dolphins

Have a wildlife encounter while swimming in Aussie’s Ocean. It will be treasured in your heart forever as one of the best experience in your lifetime.


31. Surf The City With A Jetboat

The most exciting tour in Sydney Harbor: have a tremendous day full of adrenaline rush with a jetboat tour.

32. Learn How To Fly

Have you ever wanted to be a pilot? Would you love to learn to fly a plane? Grip the controls and make your dream a reality.


33. Ride A Vietnam War Centurion Tank

Be amazed by this unique Aussie experience. Put yourself into Brad Pitt in ‘Fury’ skin and live an unforgettable moment.


34. Visit The Abandoned Pentridge Prison

Visit the D Division of Pentridge prison and discover the history of Australian penal code. Follow the steps of Ronald Ryan, the last man to be executed in Australia.


Austalia Must See:

35. Replay Tarzan Film At Paronella Park

Once upon a time, José Paronella had a dream, it was to build his own castle. Located near to Mena Creek waterfalls he built a fort in Paronella Park with a rich flora environment grouping more than 7,500 species of plants surrounding the castle.


36. Watch A Cricket Game At Melbourne Cricket Ground

Cricket is the most played sport in Australia, which make this sport a must watch when traveling to Australia.


37. Hike In Kakadu National Park

Kakadu, the largest National Park in Australia is grouping all flora and fauna you are expecting to see on the continent. A trek through this park will bring you to stunning waterfalls like this one.You can even continue your journey to reach this kind of points of view. But be careful when you are trekking, the wildlife is hazardous.


38. Check-out Gnomesville

Gnomesville is the magical home to over 3000 Gnomes who have migrated here from all over Australia and around the world. Wander through the villages and admire this unique community.A perfect place to bring kids and young adults, The dwarfs will accompany you on a walk starting from their village.


39. Watch The Happy Slam

Nicknamed the “Happy Slam” by Roger Federer, the secular Australia Open is the first of the four Grand Slam Tennis events. It is the perfect occasion to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere.


40. Hop On A Rrain At Dandenong Range

Puffing Billy is Australia’s premier preserved steam railway – a fun things to do in Australia. Dangle your legs out of the carriages and enjoy magnificent views of the Dandenong Ranges.


41. Bet A Dollar At Melbourne Horse Cup

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s major horse race. Marketed as “the race that stops a nation” (being a National Day), it is a 3,200 metre race for three-year-olds and over. It is also the richest “two-mile” handicap in the world, and one of the richest turf races (1st prize: $3,600,000).


42. Saunter Through Melbourne Graffiti Alley

Let’s have a walk throughout Melbourne colorful streets and enjoy a unique art venue. Those streets are known all around the world for their creative masterpieces. A must see if you are visiting Melbourne!

“When you walk down the street and see something in a crazy spot, there’s something powerful about that. The street will always be an important part of getting art out there for me.” – Shepard Fairey


43. Spend A Weekend In Karijini National Park

Up in North Western Australia, the Karijini National Park is well known for its swimming holes and breathtaking landscapes. A trek in this National Park is recommended if you are looking for unforgettable adventure. At night it is also an excellent place to relax while watching the night sky full of stars.


44. Watch An Australian Football Game

Just come, yell “Ball!” and grab your beer on the left hand. The atmosphere is always festive! You definitely want to check it out!


45. Visit The Typical Nimbin Hippie Village

Often described as a hippie destination, discover the village of Nimbin: rainbows, psychedelic street art, peace & love signs, flower necklaces, reggae music, you will be amazed by the Aussie’s counterculture


46. Meet Aliens At Wycliffe Well

Wycliffe well, straight in the middle of Australia is the self-proclaimed UFO’s capital of Australia. It is worth a stop just for a hilarious moment if you are driving on Stuart Highway.


47. Watch A Penguin Parade In Phillip Island

See the nightly ritual of these beloved fairy penguins waddling from the ocean to their burrows in the sand. Each night at sunset you’ll be amazed by Little Penguins returning ashore after a fishing day.


48. Take Part In The Whales Watching Crew

From mid-July until late November more than 45 species of whales come in Australian waters, recording more than 60% of whales in the world. Enjoy a boat trip in Australian sea and look at these huge animals jumping out of the water.


Australia Must Eat:

49.  Have Dinner At Brae, Birregurra

Situated 2 hours away from Melbourne, set on a hillside on a 30-acre organic farm, Brae restaurant has been awarded as one of the best restaurants in the world several times. Its cuisine combines locavore cuisine with a distinctly inventive Australian contemporary gastronomy.


50. Try Kangaroo Meat, Meat & Wine Co.

Even though not a lot of Australians eating kangaroo meat, it is still must try food when traveling to Australia. For the one visiting Sydney head to Meat & Wine Co., one of best restaurant cooking Kangaroo meat in Australia.


51. Taste A Pavlova At CBD Cake

Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert with fruit and cream. The dessert was named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who visited Australia & New Zealand in the 1920s. Both countries agree on that, but not on who invented it.


52. Savour A Beetroots Burger

One typically Australian food is the ultimate veggie beetroots burger, with a big beetroot slice replacing the steak. A must-try for burger addicts and taste explorers.Australians have a special fondness for beetroot on burgers. Try it, that’s delicious. 


We hope you enjoyed our Top 52 things to do in Australia! Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments which one you want to do! 

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