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Assessing The Right Kind Of Internet For Your Travel Needs

Assessing The Right Kind Of Internet For Your Travel Needs

Luxury travel means having access to everything you could need, and with so many of us embracing the advantages of the digital world, this includes a connection to the internet. As a rapidly evolving technology, however, it can be a challenge to track all the different internet options, and what they mean.

Though some forms of travel can restrict users to certain internet systems, most travel options have multiple ways to solve the internet connectivity problem. So, what are these, and which is right for you?

The Different Types of Connections

Mobile Hotspot

The first form of internet connection to consider is the humble mobile hotspot. This system takes your mobile phone and uses its 3G, 4G, or 5G wireless to turn it into a type of router. This is an option available for every modern smartphone, where it borrows the same internet you use for general online use, and allows other systems to log in to the same connection. Just note that this can burn through a mobile battery, so plugging a hotspot phone into the wall or carrying a power bank is a must.


  • Easy to use

  • Can be extremely fast

  • Wide coverage in developed areas


  • Can lack coverage in rural areas

  • Drains power quickly

  • Requires a fast phone to stay effective

Local Wi-Fi Networks

If you're staying in or close to a developed area, it might be possible to simply log in to an existing Wi-Fi network. Depending on where you are, this could be as concentrated as a hotel shared connection, or as broad as a city-wide system.


  • Also easy to use

  • Doesn't require any special equipment


  • Depends on local infrastructure

  • Might be overloaded in some areas


Though not available at the time of writing, Starlink is an option that is promised soon for larger recreation vehicles, click here for more information. This could be the only viable option for internet uses well outside of traditional internet connectivity, at least if it follows through with its potential.


  • Access where no others exist

  • High speeds


  • Not yet available

  • Problematic in weather or covered areas like forests

  • Relies on Starlink's continuation

Your Use, Your System

There could be many situations where travellers have access to all three of the above options. In this case, it's best to look at your uses before deciding which avenue to take. Not every option works equally well for everyone, so making the wrong choice could be frustrating or problematic.

If you need the internet for business and require high bandwidth with strong reliability, then mobile hotspots could be the best first choice. Starlink, while powerful, is still notoriously unreliable, and local networks might also come and go depending on how the involved network is run. For constant video calls on Zoom or sending files via Dropbox, mobile hotspots are likely the best choice.

In casual entertainment uses like playing online casino games, any of the three options will tend to work just fine. For the games like Arena of Gold and Assassin Moon that you can click here to see have low requirements, it's clear that faster connections aren't much of a concern. The same could be said for casual titles, which should be easy to run no matter your connection of choice.


For video streaming on services like Hulu or Netflix, the goal should be a combination of reliability and bandwidth. Too little bandwidth and your videos will have to buffer, and too little reliability can also create a similar problem. To this end, either local Wi-Fi or hotspots can both work, but Starlink can also be an option. Ultimately, if you're unsure about your connection before you move to a new location, you can download media before you go to eliminate the problem before it arises, click here for more information.

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